Abronia graminea Care Sheet




Common name:                                     Arboreal Alligator Lizard

Scientific name:                                     Abronia graminea

Maximum adult size:                             10”-12”

Life expectancy:                                     15 Years


Minimum enclosure size:                       24”x18”x36”


Style of enclosure:                                 Arboreal


Substrate:                                              Sphagnum moss and coconut chip mix


Description of what’s needed:

The Mexican alligator lizard adopts an arboreal lifestyle and is commonly found inhabiting the bromeliads among mesic cloud or pine-oak forest canopies. This habitat offers a humid temperate climate with summer rains. The preferred diet of this species is a variety of insects.] Colour patterns of the Mexican alligator lizard can range from bright emerald, green to dark teal blue; juvenile colouration is a tan ground colour with dark crossbands. UV lighting is a must and bright LED lighting.


Temperatures/ humidity:


Basking:                         90F


Ambient:                         72F-78F Day.  60F-65F Night. Night time drop is required.


Humidity:                        60%-90%




Abronia thrive on a varied diet.  Crickets, locusts, roaches, moths.  All feeders must be gutloaded and dusted.



Abronia do require a cooldown period.  Two months of temps ranging from 50F-55F. Mating usually occurs between September and December; females give birth to 5–12 live young between April and June. Raise young ones individually with lots of UV light and plenty of food. Young ones are prone to dehydration, fill the ground of the box/cage with at least 5 cm humid sphagnum moss.

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