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Exoterra Top Conversion Kits

Exoterra Top Conversion Kits

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Introducing our Custom Replacement Top for Exo Terra Terrariums – the perfect solution for maintaining optimal humidity while ensuring secure ventilation. Designed with precision to cater to the needs of your reptiles and amphibians, this replacement top offers superior functionality and convenience.

Key Features:

Enhanced Humidity Retention: Crafted to hold in humidity effectively, this custom replacement top ensures your terrarium environment stays at the ideal moisture levels for your pets.

Fruit Fly Proof Ventilation: Equipped with fine mesh ventilation, our replacement top prevents fruit flies and other small insects from entering the terrarium, keeping your habitat clean and safe.

Versatile Ventilation Options: Choose the ventilation configuration that best suits your needs:

Front Vent: Ideal for those who require easy access for misting and feeding. The front vent model comes with a misting bulkhead standard, making it simple to maintain the perfect humidity levels.

Back Vent: Perfect for creating a natural airflow that mimics your pets' natural environment.

Front and Back Vent: For maximum ventilation and flexibility, opt for both front and back vents.

Easy Installation: Designed to fit seamlessly onto your existing Exo Terra terrarium, this replacement top is simple to install and provides a snug, secure fit. All you have to do is provide the glass and you are all set!

Upgrade your Exo Terra terrarium with our Custom Replacement Top and create a thriving, healthy habitat for your reptiles and amphibians. Choose your preferred ventilation configuration and experience the perfect balance of humidity and airflow.


Glass Measurements:


We have seen some variance in exoterras and we recommend you measure the glass yourself. Our dimensions are a guide and we are not responsible for final measurements.

You can use 3/32" or 1/8"

We recommend using 1/8" on the 24" and 36" wide tanks.

Front Vent Back Vent Both Vents
12" 9 1/8" X 11" N/A N/A
18" 14" X 16 7/8" 13 7/8" X 16 7/8" 11 1/8" X 16 7/8"
24" 14" X 22 5/8" 13 7/8" X 22 5/8" 11 1/4" X 22 5/8"
36" 14" X 34 1/2" 13 7/8" X 34 1/2" 11 1/4" X 34 1/2"
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