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Thrive Ecosystems

Thrive Ecosystems Mountable Slim

Thrive Ecosystems Mountable Slim

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Transform your terrarium into a lush paradise with the Thrive Ecosystems Terrarium Light. Boasting an impressive 98CRI, its perfectly blended 5000k/6500K color spectrum enhances the vibrancy of your plants, making your greens more lush and your reds deeper than ever before. Not only will your plants thrive, but your pets will also be more active and lively in their new world-class habitat. Adding this sleek and sophisticated light to your home or office will provide a sense of peace and satisfaction that only a thriving ecosystem can bring. Upgrade your terrarium and give your pets the best environment they deserve with the Thrive Ecosystems Terrarium Light.

The Thrive Ecosystems Slim Light is the perfect solution for lighting up your terrarium or bakers racks. Clips conveniently mount to the bakers rack shelves keeping organization clean. 

145 Lumens/Watt

Kit includes power supply with 6ft cord and mounting clips.

We are currently running a 3-5 day lead time on all lights.


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